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Zeke.20.Georgia.MKIII Supra

The donation button is for my Supra build and only for that purpose. Feel free to donate any amount from $.01 to whatever, any donation is helpful. Have a beautiful day.

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Anonymous: How long did it take for your payment to get processed and them to get shipped?

I bought them off a guy on an MKIII sales page, so just as long as it took paypal to process the money, then for his bank to accept the payment.

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nobodysgettingtreats replied to your post: COILOVERS SHIPPED S H I P P E D

whatd you get?

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If you straight up hate on zokusha, bippu, bosozoku, shakotan, stance, kaido racers, kanjo loop racers, muscle cars, cruisers, lowriders or any other car styles because you think they are stupid without actually knowing anything about the styles, throw your keys into the ocean and go fuck a running blender whilst listening to Shania twains greatest hits at the cheapest brothel you can find whilst getting fisted by the hulk.

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Anonymous: What are your thoughts on the FRS/BRZ/FT86? Would you get one and if not what would you rather get for around the same price.

Like them a lot, but I think I see myself getting an S2K, MKIV, STi, NSX(cheaper than you’d think) for about the money I’d put down on an FRS/BRZ

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