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The donation button is for my Supra build and only for that purpose. Feel free to donate any amount from $.01 to whatever, any donation is helpful. Have a beautiful day.

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If its a 7m gtfo

nah it’s getting a 1UZ as soon as i get the money together for it. the 7m really isn’t all that bad though, if it wasn’t treated poorly and it ran smooth, i would have kept it and carb’d it or something.

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they didn’t hold it? I thought if you weren’t home they bring it back the next day?

our mail lady is a fucking old bitch, i can’t stand her. she’s too lazy to get out of her little vehicle and walk up some stairs, so she just drives into your driveway and honks until you come out, so she never came back to redeliver. they’ve still got it though, they were getting ready to reship.

Anonymous: What's a good forum to find information and get help for an A70?

i guess the two most popular ones are supramania and supraforums, but supraforums is full of a bunch of shitheads so i’d just use it for info. supramania isn’t that bad though.

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