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Zeke.20.Georgia.MKIII Supra

The donation button is for my Supra build and only for that purpose. Feel free to donate any amount from $.01 to whatever, any donation is helpful. Have a beautiful day.

Anonymous: Why did you pick a 1uz

7M crapped out, didn’t want to shell out stupid money for 1/2JZGTE, definitely didn’t want N/A 2jz(weight reasons), wanted a good sound and impeccable reliability, I also wanted something unique without putting unnecessary strain on my wallet, best choice was 1UZ.

Anonymous: Sweet! I think it could be great because forums and stuff are useful but the layouts and subcategories are atrocious. It's so hard to find things sometimes because the search function is so lousy. I just want things broken down and easy to swallow. Supra forums is a great supra site but try asking questions and dudes jump down your throat and tell you to search without being helpful at all.

That’s exactly what I had in mind. Forums are awful to navigate, especially as a new comer to the community. My intentions were to create a website based off of easily accessible information, whether it’s DIY/forum nav directed to beginners, features of cool builds around the nation for novice enthusiasts looking for ideas(or anyone else), or just current events for everyone. Idk stuff like that. I’ve seen way too many requests for stuff like it and if you did this you’d have my full support.

Anonymous: Just picked up an 85' Cressida miled to the tits. 1UZ need to be a thing. How hard will this process be?

Hard? Not very. Time consuming? Yes. Wallet punishing? Not that bad honestly. You’ll be able to swap the transmission to a 5 speed which is fun, and the UZ will drop in and fit pretty snug. I’m sure there are a few threads for this out there as well.

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Anonymous: Zeke, I'm thinking of creating a website for car people that will act as a guide for common questions regarding swaps, wiring, tires etc. I know, I know there are forums for a reason but I want to do an all-in-one kinda deal where you click on a car company name, click on model year etc and there will be a a list of guides for how to do things! Plus there will be an upvote system to put the best guides first. What do you think being a car guy and all?

I think you should contact me off anon and send me an email. I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while, but I don’t possess the time or assets needed(i can’t code or anything because i’m a fucking idiot).

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Anonymous: Sorry for blowing up your inbox. Pros and cons of a running a twincharged setup? I have a smaller engine (1.6) so I heard it's better for around that size versus a larger displacement.

if i’m correct, probz not though, a twincharged setup gives you a greater amount of power over all of your RPMs. it takes a little bit more work, although the plumbing is generally easy, you just need to really do your research. i’d say a big con is the just the time you’ll need to spend on it. lots of guys do twincharged setups on smaller engines for the exact reason you are, most of the time with little to no mechanically issues resulting.

all comments are welcome.

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Anonymous: Hey where can I read about swapping engines and how to figure out what parts fit what car. Any forums you recommend. ? Thx

There really isn’t a site for just generic engine swap, that i’ve seen at least. anything can work with anything with the proper time and money. my car came with an I6 originally, now i’m putting a V8 in it. miatas come with a 1.6L 4 cylinder and people cram giant V8s into them all day long, it just depends on the money you’ve got and the time you’re willing to put into one.