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The donation button is for my Supra build and only for that purpose. Feel free to donate any amount from $.01 to whatever, any donation is helpful. Have a beautiful day.

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notthatchrist: I'm, sadly, selling my 2002 thanks to some unfixable structural rust and looking to get a new toy. Debating trying out drifting and want to keep it cheap, like stupid-cheap. I was thinking Miata but I'm 6'2" and NAs don't really work for me. Any suggestions are welcome.

While Miatas are awesome, I still think getting into something like an s13 would be cheaper just because of how easily you can find decent parts for it

Also you could get an FC rx7 and either build up the rotary or swap it and have a pretty decent, and dependable, drift car

All other suggestions are welcome.

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Anonymous: Which Japanese car in your opinion has the best ass ?

The one most known for it, the c130 Laurel SGX ‘Butaketsu’ or Pig’s Ass.

Anonymous: Opinion on the sleepy eye mod for pop up headlights?

I like them actually. If I ever get another supra I’m turning it into a monster and doing a sleepy eyes mods with NA1 NSX headlights and other cool stuff.

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Anonymous: Do you know of any good videos of MKIII and MKIV Supra. Like videography or cinematography. Some nice videos.

Go through my tagged/mkiii or tagged/mkiv, most gifs in the tags should have sources. I’d link them but I’m on mobile.

Anonymous: Advice to someone that wants to drift but doesnt want to fuck up there car ? does such a thing exist :oo ?

Yeah, don’t drift. Gotta pay to play lmao.

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theredlightrunner: I saw a MKIII w/ external oil cooler and a huge lip, flares, and a paint job that was either purple or brown depending on how the light hit it. I wish my phone wasn't dead, I would've loved to give you some inspiration, unless you're dead-set on what you want your MKIII to look like.

I probably know the exact car you’re talking about and I love it, but it definitely isn’t what I’m going for. Thank you though! I am pushing to have one of the craziest mkiii’s in america, even by Japanese standards.